End of Year Video

Today marked our very last science class of the year. The Orange Cluster teachers were blessed with a fantastic group of kids. They were hardworking, positive students from September all the way until June. And for that we are tremendously grateful.

In class today, we began by watching the end-of-year video (posted above) and then followed with the end-of-year wards. These included awards for the highest average, the best effort, and the best lab partner in each class.

Highest Average – Zachary Knight, Matt McAlpine,
Caitlin Viola, Ryan Miner, Aidan Walker

Best Effort – Carter Schoell, Brooke Dunn,
Marin Connolly, Molly Cooney, Charlotte Henning

Best Lab Partner – Owen Masterson, Skyler Hitchcock,
Grace Kelley, Myah Fontes, Ean Scholz

Congratulations to the students above, and to all of this year’s students, on a job well done. You will have a great year next year, of that I’m sure. And I hope you carry the lessons of 8th grade with you through high school and beyond.

Mr. A