Recycling 101


Being the science nerd that I am, I’m often tempted to teach complicated lessons on the chemistry of global warming, or the molecular structure of plastics, etc. But lately, I’ve become a bit more pragmatic. Like wouldn’t it be better just to teach these kids how to recycle?

We started off today’s lesson by watching a video about how recycling plants work. Then we discussed the do’s and don’ts for recycling in our hometown of Marshfield, Massachusetts. After that we played a simple recycling game. Students approached a large pile of trash in the center of the room, selected an item, and then had to decide whether to recycle it or trash it. The class worked together, advising each other on what to do. And by the end of class, almost all of the 80 items were sorted properly. Their class’s score was their lab grade for the day.

May 19 – Recycling 101 (pg708).pptx

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