Graphing Seasons & Climate – Day 2

Today was the second day of our graphing project. Students finished graphing the daily high temperature, the ocean temperature, sunset time, and Earth’s tilt. When finished, the relationship was clear. Sunset time, air temperature, and ocean temperature are all related (with some time delay). And Earth’s tilt has a negative correlation with sunlight and temperature. Those students who finished early set to work graphing arctic sea-ice levels and atmospheric CO2 levels for extra credit. News flash, they’re related!

April 9-10 – Graphing Seasons and Climate (pg616).docx
Graph Data – Daily High Temperature.docx
Graph Data – Ocean Temperature.docx
Graph Data – Earth’s Tilt.pptx
Graph Data – Sunset Time.docx
Graph Data – Arctic Sea Ice (extra credit).pptx
Graph Data – Atmospheric CO2 (extra credit).pptx

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