Artificial Selection


We started off today by introducing the topic of artificial selection, the idea that humans could determine the genetics of a species intentionally. We defined it as “the selective breeding of plants of animals with the hope of producing offspring the desirable traits.” But I prefer an even simpler definition: “Evolution on purpose!”

After the discussion, students researched three different examples online. They read about the evolution of corn and how it went from a small seed cluster to the massive fruit we know it as today. They learned about how dogs were actually bred (intentionally or unintentionally) from wolves. And lastly they watched a video about the samurai crab, a type of crab whose back looks remarkably like a samurai mask, that humans are thought to have influenced. In all cases, it was humans, not nature, who caused the evolution of the species.

January 22 – Artificial Selection (pg411).docx

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