Minus 109

The average American produces 109 lbs. of CO2 each day. For this project, we ask students to give one of those days back! Because it is the last unit of the year, and time is often short, this project can also be assigned for extra credit. Or it makes a great capstone project for Unit 7. Either way, I think it’s important for students to put what they have learned about environmental science into practice.



Students begin the project by learning the term “carbon footprint” and discussing ways that they can reduce their pollution.
                  Click here to download the PowerPoint.



On day two, students try to quantify the methods of pollution-reduction we have discussed. For example, how much CO2 does shutting off a light really save?
                  Click here to download the worksheet.


On day three, students begin to keep track of their personal pollution reduction. Have them plan out the next 1-2 weeks. Set a clear deadline for the end of the project.
                  Click here to download the worksheet.



On the last day, have the students calculate their totals and form conclusions. Did they accomplish their goal of “minus 109?” Which methods will they continue to utilize over the summer?
                  Click here to download the worksheet.

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