Could We Evolve?


Today we did a simulation that imagines the evolution of humans over the next thousand years. We got out our families from Unit 3 (two parents and two children for each group) and taped them to the white board. At the start, our population was roughly 30% tall, 25% dark-skinned, 25% sensitive taste, 45% slow metabolism, and 50% thick eyebrows. Then we took turns rolling dice and reading different game cards that changed our population. Some cards killed off the palest individuals due to skin cancer. Others cards added extra children to the our healthiest families. And all the while, the genetics of our population were changing. By the end of the game, the species was notably different, which got students thinking… could we evolve? Are we evolving right now?

January 16 – Could We Evolve (pg408).docx
January 16 – Game Cards.docx

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