Outbreak! – Day 2

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Today was the second day of the “Outbreak!” project. The outbreak was under control, so students set about trying to figure out exactly what this disease was. Students took two prepared blood samples and extracted the DNA from each. The thinking was that, if this was in fact a virus, we would be able to detect the virus DNA mixed in with the human DNA.

So students adapted the DNA Lab that we did a few weeks prior, but this time they applied the steps to the blood samples. After mixing in detergent and enzyme, and then adding a layer of rubbing alcohol, they were able to isolate the DNA from the blood samples. Then they submitted a vial of each DNA sample to the overnight lab* so that the DNA could be decoded. Tomorrow they will get back their fully decoded sample which will hopefully contain the code for the virus!

*The idea of decoding an entire DNA sample overnight is a little far-fetched, but hey, it’s 2034, so let’s go with it!

December 12-15 – Outbreak! (pg317).docx

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