Evolution of Bacteria Lab


Today we completed a lab that simulated how bacteria have evolved to resist modern antibiotics. We used two dice to represent the drug penicillin. And we started off with a group of 20 strep bacteria, each one with a strength rating from 1-10. Students rolled the dice for each bacterium, and if they rolled higher than the cell’s strength rating, they successfully killed off that bacterium. After rolling for all 20 cells, students copied over the survivors and had them reproduce, as if the germs had passed on to another person. Then they repeated the process, rolling the dice, killing off some of the cells, and passing the germs on to a new person. After five rounds, the result was clear; bacteria are getting stronger! A copy of the lab can be found below.

January 19 – Evolution of Bacteria Lab (pg410).docx
January 19 – Genetic Mutation Cards (optional).pptx

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