The Fossils Carousel

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After we finished learning about Darwin’s Theory, it was time to start looking at some evidence. If Darwin was right, then we should be able to find evidence of species gradually (or perhaps suddenly) evolving to fit their environments. Today students rotated through seven different stations, observing seven different groups of fossils. Their goal was to put each group in the order in which it evolved.

Most students found that it wasn’t that hard. You could usually find some prehistoric animal, some transition species, and then some more modern animal. Students took notes on their theories (on Page 404) and then they began to discuss why they might have evolved. Why was it an advantage for some burrowing lizards to lose their legs? Why was it an advantage for humans to develop larger, less-protected skulls? And what really is a horses hoof? Fossils can teach us all of these things and more.

January 9 – Fossils Carousel (pg404).docx
January 9 – Fossils Carousel Timer.pptx
January 9 – Fossils Print-Outs.pdf

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