Forces of Nature – Day 1

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We began our Unit 6 capstone project today, a project called “Forces of Nature.” The premise is that the students work for FEMA and are charged with managing natural disasters of varying types. Specifically the project will focus on wild fires, earthquakes, and flooding. Each day of the project, students will walk into the room to find a new disaster that they must manage. By consulting maps, diagrams, videos and other resources, students must come up with a solution and then consult with forces on the ground (via email) to instruct them on how to best manage things. Today was simply the project introduction. We briefly reviewed what we have studied so far in Unit 6, learned about FEMA, and divided students into teams (see the PowerPoint below for more information). Tomorrow we will begin the project for real.

April 11 – Intro to Forces of Nature (pg617).pptx

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