Global Warming Explained

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Students today heard a guest-lecture from Will Daniels, a friend of mine who received his PhD in climate science from Brown University. His topic? Global Warming. Will broke down the case for Global Warming into four main arguments:

1. The Earth is warming rapidly.
2. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap heat.
3. Humans produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.
4. The consequences will be harmful to humans.

His PowerPoint (which can be downloaded at the link below) did not specifically tell students what to believe. And it didn’t explicitly connect the dots between each of the four arguments. Instead, he allowed students to connect the dots themselves. And for most, the connections were obvious. Yes, the Earth is getting warmer. Yes, greenhouses gases make a planet warmer. Yes, we are adding a lot of greenhouses gases to our atmosphere. And yeah, it’s going to suck.

May 14 – Global Warming Explained (pg703).pptx

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