Darwin’s Theory


I started off today by checking last night’s homework, the Hawks & Field Mice Post-Lab assignment. Then we moved on to perhaps the most important lesson in Unit 4: Darwin’s Theory. We discussed Darwin’s history as a young naturalist, his voyage to the Galapagos, and all of the animal and plant life he observed. In particular, we focused on his observations of the finches and how they gave rise to his Theory of Natural Selection. I tried to explain to the kids that, quite simply, “if you are born with a genetic trait that helps you survive and reproduce, there’s a good chance that trait could spread to the entire species.” This is true in finches, it’s true in stick bugs, and it’s even true in humans. We then moved on to discussing the modern interpretation of Darwin’s theory, the interrelatedness of species, scientific consensus, and the three factors that are required for evolution.

January 3 – Darwin’s Theory (pg402).pptx
January 3 – On the Origin of Species (adapted).docx

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