Lost in Space – Day 1

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Today was the first day of my favorite project of the year: Lost in Space. Students were divided into groups of 3-4. We began with a presentation introducing the premise of the project. To make a short story shorter, the project takes place in the future, each team of students represent a team of astronauts from a specific country, and the goal of each country is to search a new solar system for a potentially habitable planet. The project will last five days, and today was only the introduction.

Basically the project ends up being a giant board game on the floor of the classroom. Each team of students flies their spaceship across the game board, zooming around, probing each planet, and attacking other teams. From the probe data they collect, each team will have to deduce which planets are livable, choose one, and then land on it by the end of the game.

After today’s introductory presentation, students worked with their teams. They chose their country. They assigned each group member a specific role. They chose the type of spaceship they would like to use (they have five choices, as listed in the document below). And then finally they built a spaceship game piece. My favorite project is off to a good start.

March 7 – Intro to Lost in Space.pptx
March 7 – Intro to Lost in Space (pg516).docx

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