Martian Lander Project – Day 1

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Today we began our “Martian Lander Project,” which is a modern take on the age-old egg drop experiment. The goal of the project is for students to design a spaceship that can land an egg safely after a drop of 5 meters. This is equivalent to a drop of 13 meters on Mars. We imagined each egg as a capsule containing a team of astronauts that must land safely on the Martian surface. And of course, the goal of our experiment is the same as its real-life equivalent: minimize the force of impact.

But there’s a twist. The winning team will be the group who accomplishes the goal (protect the egg!) at the lowest possible costs (each material will have a set price). Students were introduced to the project today and went through the PowerPoint below. Tomorrow they will build their Martian Landers. The following day we will test them. And the last two days of the project we will work on our lab reports.

September 26 – Intro to The Martian Lander Project (pg117).pptx

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