A Year Outside

Back in August, I began an experiment. And students did not find out about it until 9-10 months later. Behind my classroom, I buried five items: a piece of paper, a plastic grocery bag, a plastic water bottle, a Styrofoam lunch tray, and an apple core. Today, we went outside and dug them up. The results can be seen below:

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As you might expect, the piece of paper and the apple core were entirely decomposed. Well, mostly. The apple did leave its sticker behind! The plastic bag, the water bottle, and the Styrofoam tray were almost completely preserved (with the exception of the paper label on the water bottle). It’s good food for thought. The next time my students throw a water bottle in the trash, or see a plastic bag on the side of the highway, I hope they remember this lesson. Because those objects will be polluting our planet for a very, very long time.

May 19 -A Year Outside (pg707).docx

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