Overpopulation Lecture

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Today’s lesson was not a comfortable one. Overpopulation isn’t an easy subject to talk about. As Garrett Hardin said, “Saying this, one feels as uncomfortable as a resident of Salem, Massachusetts, denying the existence of witches in the 17th century.” But it’s important nonetheless, perhaps even more important because of this discomfort.

We started off with a PowerPoint (posted below) that introduced them to the topic of overpopulation. We discussed how it is the root of many environmental issues, the recent human population boom, reasons for the boom, and some of the effects. Then we ended class by revisiting some quotes from Mr. Hardin. Students picked a quote from the box in the center of the room, read it, analyzed it, and translated it into their own words. To see a list of the quotes, click the second link below.

June 12 – Overpopulation Notes (pg717).pptx
June 12 – Garrett Hardin Quotes.pptx

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