Marooned on Mars – Day 4

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Today was fourth day of the Marooned on Mars project, and most groups saved the tastiest goal for last: acquire food. In order to get more food, Mark will need to grow something, just like in the movie. But this time he doesn’t have potatoes available. In fact, NASA has never sent astronauts into space with whole potatoes. So most students turned to apples, quinoa, or rice. Apples weren’t a great choices, as it takes 3-6 years for the tree to grow to full size and produce fruit. Rice was a better choice, taking only 4-5 months. And quinoa was perhaps the best choice, taking only about 3 months. By rationing his food, and then planting a boatload of rice and quinoa, Mark Watney should be able to survive until his rescue mission arrives.

November 2-7 – Marooned on Mars (pg221).docx

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