Lost in Space – Day 2

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Today was the second day of the Lost in Space project. We spent the first half of class going over the rules and students spent the second half of class strategizing with their teammates. The rules are fairly simple:

Goal: Find a new home-planet in this faraway solar system.

Turns: Each turn in the game will last 1:00.

Turn Options:
TRAVEL: Ships can move as many spaces as they want, up to their “Speed Rating.”
ATTACK: You can attack other nearby ships by rolling dice.
PROBE: You can use probes to research nearby planets.

Order of Turns: Groups that are attacking go first, followed by groups that are probing, followed by groups that are traveling.

End of Game: With roughly three rounds remaining, your group must decide which planet it wants to land on, fly to that planet, and land on its surface. If you choose correctly, you will win a prize.

For a full description of the rules, see the handout below. After demonstrating and discussing the rules, students worked with their teammates. They reviewed the four requirements for a habitable planet. Then they developed strategies to determine whether a planet meets those requirements. Tomorrow, each group should be ready to rock. Let the games begin.

March 8 – Rules & Strategies (pg517).docx

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