Where’s the Evidence? – Day 2

Today was the second day of the “Where’s the Evidence?” lab. It followed the same format as yesterday: students warmed up by completing the pre-lab, then did the lab, then completed the post-lab for homework.

Today’s experiment was called “The Blue Goo.” It asked them to mix copper sulfate solution with sodium carbonate solution. Upon mixing, the copper atom (Cu) switched places with the sodium pair (Na2), creating two new compounds. The first (sodium sulfate) was hard to see. The second (copper carbonate) showed up as a light blue, cloudy solid, suspended within our test tubes. Copper carbonate is actually the compound that gives the Statue of Liberty its famous blue-green color.

October 24 – Where’s the Evidence Day 2 (pg213).docx
October 24 – HW Day 2 Post-Lab (pg214).docx

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