Lost in Space – Day 5

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This was the final day of the Lost in Space project. And instead of having students complete a typical lab report, we decided to get creative. Students wrote a journal, as if they were truly lost in space during a mission to find a new planet. Their journal spanned the course of 60 days, just like the game. And they wrote about their arrival in the new solar system, what life was like in outer space, surviving attacks from enemy ships, and landing in a strange new world. For some the journey had a happy ending. They found food, fresh water, and comfortable temperatures. For others it was more somber. One student wrote “Day 60: We are attempting our landing on Planet Y. Just passed through the asteroid belt. We are really accelerating now as the gravity takes us in. It’s cloudy here. Getting dark. We should hit the surface any minute now. Still falling. Our shipf is starritng to creak… creekigndh noiseh inteh hllu…”

March 13 – Lost in Space Journal (pg518).docx

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