Where’s the Evidence? (Day 1)

Last week was a busy week. We reviewed and then took the Unit 2 Test. We learned about physical and chemical changes. We studied reaction equations, learned how to draw pictures of the reactions, and even learned about synthesis, decomposition, and replacement.

This week we will take a pause to practice what we have learned. We will complete a four day lab called “Where’s the Evidence?” where students will be creating their own chemical reactions. Each day, students will look at a different reaction and practice all of the above skills. They will look for our four clues, classify the reactions, draw pictures, etc. The entire lab, Pages 304-310 will be due on Monday. If you missed class, you can see our first reaction (washing soda + hydrochloric acid) in the video below.

November 9 – Where’s the Evidence Day 1 (pg304)
November 9 – Day 1 Post-Lab (pg305)

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