Today was the third day of our capstone project, and we’re now one step closer to answering the question “Why do humans like what we like?” Today, students took their finished agar plates from the fridge and added germs from their saliva to each one. After that, it was time to add the spices. Most groups chose to cover half of each Petri dish, so they could compare germ growth in the empty half of the dish to germ growth in the spice-covered half of the dish, thus building their control group right into each test. The students could then use their separate dishes to compare mint leaves to regular leaves, cinnamon bark to pine bark, or any other combinations they could think of. Tonight, Mr. A will store the dishes in a warm, dark location. We will then let the germs grow for three full days. On Tuesday, we will observe our results.

April 8 – Of Spice and Men (pg614)

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