Evolutionary Trade-Offs

Color, size, personality: these are different characteristics that organisms have. But believe it or not, no trait is good or bad. It’s our environment that makes them so!

Today the students predicted how our dragons might evolve when subjected to a change in environment. On Friday, we will be moving the entire species to The Isle of Doom and then observing the result. The Isle of Doom is a small island off the coast of Greenland. It is a small, barren environment that our dragons fled to in order to escape the attacking humans. But there’s not much food there, or space to live. And the dragons routinely battle with attacking Vikings and cold, harsh weather… not to mention each other!

In order to predict how the dragons might evolve in such a hostile environment, we learned about how some real-life animals have evolved in similar circumstances.


By reading five different articles (click the images above), students were able to find similarities that allowed them to predict the evolutionary path of our dragons. On Friday, we will get to see whether our predictions came true. Will the dragons evolve to be friendly or mean? Will it pay to have a spiked tail? Will brightly colored dragons have a mating advantage? We shall see.

March 30 – Evolutionary Trade-Offs in Dragons (pg609)

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