Slide1Today we began the Unit 5 capstone project: Alien Invasion Week. The basic premise is that students will play a giant board game on the floor of the classroom. They will fly spaceships around the solar system, visiting planets, collecting resources, flying back to their base, and earning money, all while trying to avoid getting killed by the other groups.

Leading up to the board game (Tuesday) students will spend a few days researching the solar system. They will need to know the appearance and location of each planet, what resources can be found on each planet, etc. The goal is really to learn as much about the solar system as possible.

Today students chose teams, assigned roles (captain, resource manager, cartographer, and journalist), assigned planets to research (two per group member), and began building their spaceship game pieces. Tomorrow, we will begin our research.

February 24 – Intro to Alien Invasion Week (pg507)

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