A Book for Columbus (Day 1)


If you were to write book for Christopher Columbus, one that could help him with his journey across the Atlantic, what would you include? “What about a tide chart?” said Abi. “What about a moon calendar?” suggested Noah. “Or maybe predicted eclipses, in case he need to fool the natives!” said Chris. “Or what about a GPS?” asked William.

Our Unit 4 Capstone Project is called A Book for Columbus. Students will be putting together a book of useful information that could have helped Columbus on a fictional journey from Spain to Marshfield. The premise is that he will leave this Friday and arrive about a month later. But really, the project is a chance for us to give real-world meaning to all the things we have learned in Unit 4. The requirements for the book are (1) a tides graph, (2) a lunar calendar, (3) a Sun-Earth-Moon diagram, and (4) a page of notes for Columbus.

The project will be due this Friday. Students will be allowed to use their projects on this Friday’s quiz as well as the Unit 4 Test.

January 26-28 – A Book for Columbus (pg415)

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