The Lunar Crater Debate

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In the 1960s there was a debate about what had created the craters on the surface of the moon. Dr. Jack Green believed they were the results of the moon’s volcanic activity; Dr. Eugene Shoemaker believed they were formed by asteroid impacts (to read more about their debate, please click here).

This week, students will be designing a lab that allows them to solve this mystery once and for all. By recreating the formation of lunar  craters, photographing them, and taking measurements, they will hopefully be able to prove that the craters are from volcanic activity, asteroid impacts, or both.

Today, students were introduced to the debate and asked to identify the characteristics of both types of craters. Students then made hypotheses about which scientist they thought was correct. Tomorrow, we will begin designing our labs.

January 20 – The Lunar Crater Debate (pg413)

Thank you for those of you who check the website so regularly. For those of you reading this, I would like you to go outside tonight and observe the moon. If, during homeroom tomorrow, you can tell me what phase of the moon was visible, I will give you a prize!


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