Letters to the Past


Today we took a break to review what we have learned over the past two weeks. So far, we have covered gravity, the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship, moon phases, eclipses, and tides.

The assignment today was to revisit the nine astronomy myths we covered last week and to write a letter back to the authors of the myths. The letters explained today’s scientific explanation for whatever phenomena they were observing. For example, moon phases are not really the result of the moon god Annigan running circles around Earth and losing weight each week. They occur because of the moon’s orbit and because the Earth can’t always see all of the moon’s “bright side.”

At the end of the day, Mr. A will mail the letters back in time, which may cause a paradox that tears apart the fabric of the space-time continum. You have been warned.

January 15 – Letters to the Past (pg411)

This weekend’s HW is the Unit 4 Checkpoint Quiz. Click here to access the quiz. And remember to look over the answers you got wrong so you can figure out why!

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