Astronomy Myths

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Today the students realized that, after yesterday’s lesson, they now know more about the Sun-Earth-Moon Relationship that even the Ancient Greeks! In fact, if you look at the nine myths above, you will realize that most ancient cultures had incorrect explanations for what they observed in the sky above.

For example, we now know that night and day are caused by the Earth’s spinning, that the Earth is in fact round, and that the seasons are actually a result of Earth’s tilt.

However, none of the students could fully explain moon phases, or high and low tide, or eclipses, or flood tides. Why does the moon seem to grow larger each month? Why does the depth of water in the ocean change daily? Why do eclipses happen so rarely? And why is there so much flooding in Brant Rock if a snowstorm hits during the full moon?

Good questions. Those will be the topics for next week!

January 8 – Astronomy Myths (pg405)

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