Graphology is the study of handwriting, which can be an important part of forensic science. In the case of someone hacking into Mrs. Delaney’s computer, we only have a small sample of handwriting to analyze: the piece of paper where the criminal was trying to decode her password. Even so, there are still some important takeaways.


The letter “e” in the writing sample was unique because it was started on the left side and then crossed over as the letter was finished. The letter “k” was unique because it was drawn with a vertical line and a sideways “v,” rather than three separate strokes. And the letter “y” was unique because it was bubbly, curvy, and finished with a hook underneath rather than a straight line.

Using these three features as keys, students traveled around the room today observing each other’s handwriting. They looked for the key features that matched as well as similarities in the overall style. So far, suspects include Max Burum, Jillian Gerard, and Bridget Parsons.

December 11 – Graphology (pg323)

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