Playing Doctor: Simulation

Today was the second day of our “Playing Doctor” capstone project. Students took part in a hospital-like simulation where they had to use their knowledge of chemistry to diagnose and treat patients. It was a rigorous, fun, and at-times-stressful day. But the groups in every class did well.

On Thursday, students will get the results of their prescriptions back. Then each team will have to reflect on what happened, analyzing what went right and what went wrong. Their findings will be published in the Medical Report that each group will create. If any students need to review any of the eight patients, their information is below.

Patient Summary – Michael Prozkurski
Patient Summary – Henry Allen
Patient Summary – Austin Jones
Patient Summary – Riley Moeykens
Patient Summary – Helen Shapiro
Patient Summary – John Ferro
Patient Summary – Sarah Clarkson
Patient Summary – Lucas Morrison

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