Mystery Mix (Day 4)

Today was the final day of our Mystery Mix experiment. After narrowing it down to the “Seven Fizzers” (the seven pairs of chemicals that bubbled when mixed with water) yesterday, students got one final chance to revisit those reactions today. They retested each of the seven, watching closely for any observational clues that might be found. They also used a thermometer today. By inserting the thermometer immediately after each reaction, students were able to measure exactly how much the temperature changed. Remember, one of the most surprising observations on Day 1 was that the reaction felt cold!


For homework, students will have to make a final decision on what two chemicals they think made up the Mystery Mix. Then they will have to write a mini-essay explaining their rationale. Instructions for the essay can be found on the back of Page 208. Have a great long weekend, everyone!

October 10 – Mystery Mix Day 4 (pg208)

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