Welcome to Mr. A’s Science Class!

photoWelcome to Mr. A’s 8th Grade Science class and what promises to be an amazing year. Today in class, students were introduced to the various topics we will be studying in addition to the expectations for behavior and grading. For class, students are required to bring a three ring binder, paper and pencils, and a scientific calculator (when needed). Full explanations are on the Course Syllabus, below.

The last note I will make is about the course website. And you’re already here, so thanks for visiting! The website is where I post daily updates, pictures, and videos of all of our classroom experiences. It’s a great resource for parents and students to keep track of all of the lessons and assignments. Please make a habit of checking it often, like right now. Good job 🙂

September 1 – Course Syllabus (pg101)

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