Building Wind Turbines

Yesterday in class, we discussed the third of our Top 5 Environmental Issues: Dirty Energy. First we looked at the similarities between coal, oil, and natural gas (all fossil fuels that pollute). Then we compared them to three clean alternatives: solar power, hydroelectric, and wind power.

Today, we began a project that will help us understand this last energy source a bit better. Harnessing the wind has been going on since at least the 9th century, but only recently have we begun to use wind to make electricity on a wide scale. In class today, students began a competition where they will attempt to harness the wind and produce electricity. Students paired together and began building a small set of windmill blades that will be hooked up to an electric generator. The group whose design spins the fastest, thereby creating the most energy, will be the winner. Students will finish building their windmills tomorrow, and on Thursday we will conduct our testing.


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